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It's the loneliness that's the killer...

What: Logfile
Who: Quatre and Lacus
Where: Orphanage
When: Not long before Kira and Aslan return to Orb.
Notes: This is the final log where I play Quatre. After this, he is turned over to a new player!

It's the loneliness that's the killer...

"Ara, minna! It's time to come inside! You need to get washed up for dinner!" Lowering her hands from her mouth, Lacus watches as the orphans cheer and start stampeding towards the front of the expansive large beach house provided to them in the wonderful island country of Orb.

"Onee-chan! What's for dinner?" One of the younger orphans asks as they tug on the hem of Lacus' skirt.

"Wouldn't dinner be much better as a surprise?" Lacus smiles brightly and ushers the children inside, "Come inside now!"

"Dinners are usually indeed much better as surprises. Though I fear I may have come at a bad time..." The voice is soft, and the smile softer on the person who speaks, following the children from a few paces back. The young man has kind eyes, at least, and they're focused on Lacus. "Should I come back later? I was hoping to speak with you..."

Lacus peeks through her long pink bangs, 'Ah, I should get a hair cut soon', and smiles at the guest as she ushes the last of the children in, "Of course not! Guests are always welcome to come join us, if they would like!"

Lacus motions for her guest towards the front door, "...?"

Quatre laughs softly, offering Lacus a soft bow before following after her. "My name is Quatre Winner," he notes quietly as he passes her, "and I'm in Orb at the request of Aslan Zala."

"Aslan? Ah!" Lacus closes the door behind Quatre and leads him into an empty livingroom, only vacant because the children are cleaning up. "What is Aslan up to that he feels inclined to worry about me?" Being Aslan's former fiancée, she didn't pick up signs along the way for nothing!

"For you and for Miss Cagalli both," Quatre explains, turning his gaze back to Lacus now. "He suspects that Orb will sign the treaty with the Earth Alliance, and doing so will result in danger for both you and Miss Cagalli. If worst comes to worst, I'm to get Miss Cagalli out of Orb, and you as well... but I worry about the children."

Lacus gives a small, thoughtful nod at the thought and glances about before setting her gentle glance over at Quatre, "Well, let's not wish for the worst, Quatre.. if it's alright that I may call you that?"

Quatre smiles warmly, nodding in agreement. "Of course you may, Miss Lacus. I'd be honored. And I'm truly sorry I've just barged in on you like this, but I thought that speaking in person would be rather safer than attempting electronic conversation."

"There's no trouble at all, Quatre!" Lacus giggles and places her hands behind her back, "It's always nice to have company show. If you had come earlier, you might have been able to meet Kira but he seems to have stepped out for awhile." A hint of worry flashes through her eyes before being replaced with concern, "... Is there any idea how long it will be before Orb decides to sign the treaty?"

"I'm aware of Kira's location," Quatre murmurs, his smile never faltering. "And as Aslan didn't seem distraught, simply worried, I'm inclined to say that your Kira is just fine and in one piece. However... after dinner, I'm afraid I have quite a bit I need to discuss with you, since it concerns your safety and well-being. It likely won't be long before the treaty is signed, I fear."

Lacus looks over at Quatre with a questioning gaze before, again, replacing it with that kind and caring smile. Lacus has been known to be a rather patient person and finding out what happened to Kira can wait despite how much she needs to know, "Well, would you like to help me give dinner out? The children get very demanding when they're hungry."

Naturally, Quatre's smile brightens, and he nods. "I'd be more than happy to," he agrees easily. "Just show me where to go and I'll help."

"Minna! Please come down for dinner! It'll be served, shortly!" With that, Lacus motions Quatre to the kitchen where the food has been keeping warm over the stove. "There are two large bowls of salad over there. Could you bring them to the table?"

All off a sudden, the sound of running feet is like thunder over Lacus and Quatre's heads that seem to be concentrated going down the stair case and into the dining room where all the children staying here begin filing into their seats for their food.

Chuckling softly, Quatre picks up the bowls of salad, bringing them to the table as he listens to the thundering herd of miniature elephants overhead. "Are they always like that?"

Lacus giggles as she holds up the large platter of spagetti and sauce in her hands, "... Of course! Children can be rather excited when it comes to food." As she brings the food to the table, she's bombarded with the children all trying to talk to her at once.

"Onee-chan! Look at what I made today!"

"Onee-chan? Where'd Onii-chan go?"

"Oooh... who's he, Onee-chan? Is he your boyfriend?" "Baka! Onee-chan's boyfriend is Kira-onii-chan! ... Isn't it, Onee-chan?"

"Maa maa! All these questions! First, show me your hands to prove you've cleaned up." Like magic, all the voices of the children stop and they have their hands out to prove their cleanliness, "Alright. And second, our guest for tonight is Mr. Quatre Winner. Since he's our guest, I want you all to treat him with kindness and respect, alright?" The children chirp up with an agreement.

Lacus turns to Quatre with a large smile, "What would you like to drink, Quatre? I'm about to make my drink rounds for the children."

Eyes sparkling, Quatre looks back at Lacus with an answering grin. "Just water or milk would be fine, nothing fancy for me. My thanks, Miss Lacus." He waits for the children to all be seated, then he takes a seat as well, grinning as one little girl tugs him over to sit by her. "Yes, I'll sit here, no need to worry..."

Lacus goes around the table, and asks every individual child what they want to drink. When she finishes getting their requests, she heads into the kitchen and emerges about a few minutes later with a large tray with glasses filled with beverages. "Hai hai...! Here you go...!" All of the children politely take their drinks and wait for Lacus to sit down at her spot at the table, which she does after she gives Quatre his drink, "Alright everyone, dinner is now served!"

The uproar of children reaching for food to grace their plates begins and despite it being noisy, it's a rather organized uproar. She waits until the children get their share of the food before getting her own part.

Quietly, Quatre helps the children close to him to fill their plates, obviously more than happy to help out. The dinner goes without much disturbance, and Quatre chatters happily with the children as they eat, then when everything is done, he stands to help clean up.

Lacus claps her hands so that the children turn their attentions to her, "Alright, children! Everyone should start thinking about going to bed! Take your showers, put away your toys, but make sure that by 10:00 P.M. you're ready to sleep!" With that, Lacus waves the children off and starts helping with the clean up, "Would you like some tea after we're done here, Quatre?"

"Chamomile if you have it," Quatre agrees, gathering dishes to bring them into the kitchen. "If not, then anything will do, really. Should I help with the dishes?" Well, one can't claim that Quatre doesn't like to help out...

"Well, just clean off the plates and put them in the dishwasher. The garbage is underneath the sink. I'll be making the tea." Lacus chirps out as she places the dirty dishes she had collected into the sink. With that, she goes to one of the few cabinets and pulls out a tea kettle and fills it with water before putting on the stove to heat up.

Quite contentedly, Quatre does as bidden, rinsing the plates off and scraping garbage into the bin. When he's done, he washes his hands off, then dries them on a towel before looking back to Lacus, his expression quiet and patient.

Lacus hums a soft tune as she waits for the kettle to whistle, "Do you like tea snacks with your tea, Quatre? We've got some in the pantry!"

"Either way is fine with me, so it's whatever Miss Lacus would like," Quatre returns easily, leaning back against a counter with his hands curled over the edges, bracing himself lightly.

"Alright then!" Lacus continues to hum happily as she gets the snacks from the pantry and places it on a small platter. She she gets two tea cups and some chamomile tea ready. When she hears the whistle, she turns off the stove and pours hot water into each cup. Afterwards she places a package of tea on each saucer. Here you go, Quatre. Some nice, hot tea."

"I can cary the tray if you like," Quatre offers, even as his expression starts to turn far more serious. It's time for that chat that the two of them need to have. Lacus needs to be filled in on the situation.

Lacus hands the tray over to Quatre with that kind smile as she motions to the veranda, "Tea outside sounds nice. We'll have some privacy so that we can talk." Yes, this does seem rather important if Aslan is sending someone to check up on her AND more importantly Kira is gone with no real excuse why, to her knowledge. "Right this way." She opens the door to the veranda and waits until Quatre has gotten himself situated at the outdoor table.

Quatre carries the tray out to the veranda, setting it down on a table and putting the packet of tea into his cup, letting it steep slowly. That done, he folds his hands and sets them on the table, looking down at it for a long moment before glancing up at Lacus. "This is going to sound very... fantastic," he begins softly, "but please listen, because a lot of it's likely going to come as a bit of a shock. ...Kira is currently on the Minerva with Aslan Zala, under Yzak Jule's command, after they investigated the Mendel Colony. On the colony, OMNI has a gate that leads to another universe. My world. It seems to be a parallel universe with alarming similarities between your world and mine, and my world is sending over dangerous technologies known as mobile dolls, suits without pilots, controlled by an AI. These suits have no conciousness and only are programmed to kill without discretion those enemies they're programmed to fight."

First, Lacus dips her tea bag into her cup and watches as the water turns a rather nice brown color and then raises the cup to her lips before saying, "... My my... that DOES sound rather fantastic." With that she takes a sip of her tea and sighs contentedly... if not for the good tea than for the knowledge that Kira and Aslan are safe at least. "But not unbelieveable. I'm glad that they weren't hurt too badly. I had wondered why Kira hasn't come back. It left me slightly worried." Slightly doesn't even BEGIN to describe the worry harbouring in the pink haired princess' mind.

"There is, unfortunately, even more," Quatre adds, curling his hands around his own glass. "In PLANT, there is a young woman masquerading as you. She's endorsed as Lacus Clyne by Chairman Gilbert Dullindal. ...We fear /your/ life may be in danger."

"Sou deshou ka..." Lacus places her tea cup down onto its saucer and takes a deep breath while staring up at the sky, "... I had no idea they'd resort to something like that. Well, what would you have me do then? I wouldn't feel right leaving these children here by themselves while I'm lead to safety from whoever may be after me."

Quatre shakes his head slightly. "No. The children need to be taken to safety, as well. As it is, we're not entirely certain that someone may indeed come after you. However... I've found it better to err on the side of caution than on a lack thereof. Which is why I'm here. If something happens, to either you or Miss Cagalli, I'm to help you."

A thin eyebrow raises at the suggestion and Lacus takes another sip of her tea, "... I see. Well, I hope the occassion arises and that this visit is just a friendly one. It would be so much trouble if something like that were to happen."

"Onee-chan...!" Looking over her shoulder, Lacus leans forward and accepts a picture from one of the little orphan girls, "... Why thank you! I wonder what it is!" She then looks at it and smiles, "... Did Pink-chan pose for this?" The little girl nods quickly and then hops on over to Quatre with another picture offering, "Here you go!"

Blinking, Quatre reaches out to take the picture with a warm smile. "Thank you, little one." He inspects the picture for a long moment, then his smile broadens into a grin and he looks up at the girl with twinkling eyes. "Thank you. This will go up in my apartment." Poor drawing-Quatre, surrounded by Haro!

The little girl blushes happily and turns to Lacus, "This is beautiful. How about you go put it up on the refridgerator?" With that, the child scampers back inside, leaving the two alone again, "... So, when will Kira be back, do you know?"

"Of that, I'm not certain," Quatre murmurs, pausing only long enough to take a slow sip of his tea before continuing. "It may be as soon as tomorrow, it may be in a few weeks, it may be a month or more -- it depends on when he can ease out of ZAFT and return home to you."

"Return home..." That rolls off her lips before Lacus drinks the rest of her tea, "... I see." That disappoints Lacus just a smidge, "... Well, I pray that he is safe wherever he is..." She rubs the side of her now empty tea cup with her thumbs and gazes at the darkening sky, "... Thank you for bringing me this information, Quatre."

Quatre considers Lacus for a long moment, then sets his half-empty cup down. "Forgive me for being so forward, Miss Lacus, but... I can tell you care about him very much."

Lacus lets her normal facade fall for just a brief moment as she lets a bit of blush escape on her cheeks. What's this? Lacus is BLUSHING? Shock. "... Kira is... something special to me and it worries me when something to this extent happens."

"Does he know?" Quatre asks now, quietly, his expression gentling when he sees that blush.

"It's not that he doesn't know... it's the idea that I've got a feeling he's not ready for something like that right now..." Ah yes... back to the past that never seems to want to dissapear but to note, Lacus may very well seem to be babbling. Good thing Quatre's the only one here to see this side of her for now, "Kira's had a hard life and he's still confused about a lot of things... lots of things..." Lacus trails off a bit dejectedly before continuing, "And I wouldn't feel right telling him something so precious while he's still getting his thoughts in order." By now she's able to push any and all traces of embarrassment off her face and has placed that gentle smile of hers on.

Quatre listens in calm silence as Lacus offers her explanation, then smiles warmly as he considers her. "I can understand that," he agrees quietly. "My only recommendation is, if I may... that you don't wait so long for him to get his thoughts in order that the chance is gone for good. Now. Considering this really isn't my business, I'll stop being nosy about the matter."

Lacus glances at Quatre with a smile before glancing back up at the sky, "It's no bother. It's rather refreshing to talk about it. The people here are children and Kira. I don't normally spend time outside taking care of these kids to have a decent conversation."

"Unfortunately," Quatre begins, glancing at the sky as well and noting the time, "I need to be getting back." And something tells him he should get moving. "But when next I can come back out, I'll willingly sit down and just talk for a while if you like." He rises, looking truly regretful that he has to leave.

"Thank you for coming by to check up on me, Quatre. Company is something I enjoy thoroughly, yours especially. Maybe next time we should speak about more pleasant things?" With that, Lacus stands up and begins leading Quatre to the door, "By the way... you wouldn't happen to like music... would you?" There's just something that seeps from this boy that screams MUSICIAN... don't know what it is.

Quatre pauses, then his smile simply grows brilliant. "I am, actually. I've been playing the violin for as long as I could hold it. Would you like me to bring it by next time?"

Lacus's eyes light up happily as she clasps her hands together in a hopeful manner, "How wonderful! We should really play together one of these days! It's been so long since I've sung for anyone other than the children!"

"I'd be more than pleased to, Miss Lacus," Quatre agrees only too willingly, pleased by the idea. "Next time I come by, then, I'll bring my violin with me. Unfortunately, I really must be heading back now. Please be careful, and hopefully I'll see you soon." He offers her a slight bow and another smile, then steps outside, starting the trip back to his place.

Lacus waves good bye to Quatre as he heads off to wherever he's staying, "Have a safe trip!" and waits until he's a good distance away before closing the door. Taking a deep breath, Lacus then heads back to the veranda and collects the tea cups to wash in the kitchen.
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