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"I think it's perfectly clear, we're in the wrong band..."

What: Logfile
Who: Heero and Shiho
Where: Hangar Bay
When: After the latest Taurus battle, the log of which will be forthcoming.

"I think it's perfectly clear,
We're in the wrong band..."

It's been what? Hours since the second fight with the Tauruses. Heero's still in his flight suit - perhaps not too surprisingly - he hasn't bothered to change out of it. He's bothered to tie the arms of his flight suit around his torso and his helmet sits in the seat of the cockpit. Heero sits in a direction that would be odd if it wasn't zero-G. His legs are visible in an almost sitting position, except that his head is in the cockpit as he pries at panels. There's already a bunch floating about the Taurus. The mechanics have finally given up bothering Heero - since they have other work to worry about - namely repairs.

"I told you, for the last time, I'm /fine/, I don't need any painkillers!" That would be Shiho Hahnenfuss, shaking off the last insistent medic that's trailing after her, trying to get her to take a few pills. Her left leg is in a cast from the knee down, her right arm is bandaged from mid-upper-arm to wrist, her left arm bandaged from shoulder to elbow. There are a few scratches across her face, but all in all, she's managing just fine. With one last death glare at a poor helpless young man that's only trying to help, she tugs free and heads over to her 'prize,' the Taurus piece. "I see you're working on it already..."

"Aaa..." Heero's voice comes from within the depths of the Mobile Doll as he pries another panel free. He comes up with the barest of movements, years of practice in Zero G will do that. He has a flashlight held between his teeth and another panel in his hand. Switching to gripping the flashlight he studies the panel carefully, inspecting the mostly charred panel.

Shiho sets her coat aside, then floats over to Heero. "I want to help. I want to know more about what I brought back."

Heero glances at Shiho out of the corner of one eye. He reaches down into his helmet pulling out a packet for storing chips safely and very carefully extracts a what appears to be an undamaged chip from the corner of the panel, and slipping it carefully into the plastic, before flipping back in. Without looking he lobs the dead panel to a more distant pile of clutter that he's pulled from the MS, all dead wiring or panelling to judge by the scorch marks on those. "It's an AI," Heero replies. "What else is there to know?"

"It's not 'just' an AI, Yuy, it's new technology to me; and new technology, even if it's scorched or broken, reveals something about the person or people who designed it. There is no wasted knowledge." Shiho easily draws herself down along the Taurus, giving it a close-up inspection at first.

Heero is silent at that for a bit, "And what does it say to you right now?" Heero asks in a completely neutral tone. He'd normally not ask but he's interested in seeing how much someone like Shiho might have pieced together on her own.

Shiho stays quiet for a while, her arms practically up in the guts of the suit as she pokes through the circuitry. She pauses after a moment, then irritably gathers her long hair into a quick bun at the back of her head. There, that's better. "...That whomever made this is getting desperate," she finally decides. "And that said person or persons is willing to do anything to get rid of us, including developing soulless machines designed for annihilation only." Another pause, then she emerges with a piece of mostly-intact circuitry. "And that they obviously don't think the way we do. Have you really looked at this, Yuy?"

Heero pulls himself out, to take a look at what Shiho has. He doesn't even take the board, taking a look at the circuitboard, mentally identifying the various chips and how they're connected. It just takes a split second for him to identify it... not really interesting and he returns to his work. "What's so odd about the stabilizer circuitry?" Heero certainly seems to have the poor machine memorized - even if it's a part he hasn't pulled from the machine.

"Have you ever really studied your mobile suit? Come on, Yuy, get with the program here. Maybe it doesn't seem so different to you, but it does to me, and believe me, I've studied just about every ZAFT suit out there." Shiho warms to her subject, grabbing a screwdriver and using it to point to various parts of the board. "This just isn't how a Coordinator would lay out the chips for maximum efficiency. Or even a Natural! Well, any Natural whose suits and armors we've studied. I mean, look at this..." She launches into a quick explanation of how things should be laid out if it were done by an engineer thinking in the patterns of a Natural, then a Coordinator. "...So, whomever this person was, he or she was raised with a different set of thinking patterns."

"Yes, I've studied my mobile suit. And your point with this is?" Heero asks. He does have to admit the girl is reasonably sharp with that. Not that many Coordinators would know how the OMNI mobile suits were designed. Even Orb ones. "They could have scrapped the idea of copying the designs of Coordinator made Mobile Suits and simply started their own programme from the ground up."

Shiho sighs irritably. "That's not what... okay, just, listen. It's a psychology thing, Yuy. That's what I'm trying to get at. If you can figure out the psychology and the logic behind a thing, you can use it against its creator. Including mobile suits and how they're made."

Heero continues to work, saying calmly, "The Taurus can support a pilot in addition to being a mobile doll. The original models had pilots and it was decided that Mobile Dolls could be the new future. Able to learn and wage a battle without the human factor. They wanted perfect obedient fighters - without conscience, remorse or other inconvenient human emotions. Faster and tireless unlike humans and without human integrity and honour... claiming to save lives in one hand, they ignored the devastation that an uncaring machine can lay waste to." Heero tends to not make use of the word Natural and Coordinator, but rather people as an objective whole.

But for Shiho, it's all about that dividing line. "How do you know so much about these dolls, anyway?"

"I've had considerably more time to digest this data than anyone else," Heero replies. "I've been tracking the progress of these mobile suits for quite some time. Before the first recorded attack." As a matter of fact, Shiho might remember Heero being the Red to ask about a thermal reading on the suit.

Ah, but that does jog her memory, and Shiho blinks at him, her eyes narrowing. She takes a breath to speak, but her commander's caution to not do any investigation on her own stays her. "...I see," she allows after a moment, turning back to the Taurus to start disassembling it.

As if echoing her thoughts, "Anything beyond that is classified, and will require the commander's consent or the commander himself divulging the information." Heero tosses another fried panel into his junk pile.

Shiho soon has wriggled her way entirely /inside/ the suit itself, having been steadily hollowing out a path before her; her voice comes muffled through layers of metal. "So I've heard."

Interesting girl, Shiho... Heero finally finishes salvaging what he can of the hardware. The mechanics won't be too pleased, as he bundles everything into an even larger static proof bag. He slips in and reaches for the OS disks, pulling them out one by one and letting them float in the air just above the cockpit - regardless of whether they're cracked or not. He'll sort them through in a bit - for now, they're stacked in exactly the same order they were in. "Does the commander know you're here working on the Taurus?"

"The commander is asleep and I wasn't given an order /not/ to, and it's my free time." Shiho doesn't see what's wrong, honestly. A plate over the only shoulder of the Taurus piece gets moved aside and several pieces start to float out of the suit, mostly various pieces of circuitry, but some cords and gears as well. Knowing Shiho, she's got the layout of everything she's seen so far completely memorized.

Heero will have to see if the commander wants to leave it as an order /not/ to... Heero just wonders what it is about some Reds and their overwhelming curiousity.

Shiho finally pokes her head out of the shoulder of the Taurus, covered with smudges of soot and grease. The medics are going to be horrified. She checks on the boards and pieces she's pulled out, then carefully draws herself out of the suit, pulling her cast-bound leg through last. "There's the strangest labels on these," she mumbles as she reaches for a large circuitboard, peering at the chips on it.

"Classified," Heero mumbles pulling out the last of the data disks containing the OS. That's probably something new too - not quite drives and not quite CD disks. Some of them the casings are cracked, a few have burn marks on them... and whatnot... there might be something salvageable in there... but first he needs to pull the drive storage... it'll make things easier.

"Mmm," comes Shiho's noncommittal answer, her gaze scanning over the circuitboard for a brief moment before it's tapped gently back into line in the air before her. "Is everything about the Tauruses classified?"

"Technically, yes, which is why I'm questioning whether you should be doing what you're doing without the commander's permission," Although Heero technically doesn't have the right to shoo her off, he's not in command (thank god).

Sigh. "Why didn't you say so in the first place?" Shiho asks (im)patiently, looking up at Heero with a raised eyebrow.

Heero shrugs, "I can't exactly go to the commander and ask right now. I can't exactly tell you to go away without knowing whether the commander approves or not." Heero's stuck.

Shiho scans over her chosen circuitboards once last time, then carries them towards to the piles already forming. "Mmm. I'm aware of- ...Look, I don't need-" Ah, but Shiho's been snuck up on by a medic with a sedative, and he shoots her in the upper arm, earning a sharp hiss of pain and a death glower as she manages to smack him with a panel before she goes limp, the sedative working swiftly. Said medic shoots a look up at Heero, then sighs and rolls his eyes before carting Shiho back towards the infirmary.

Heero just... deadpans... and all but bares his teeth at the medic. Try to spray him and die. Heero's got everything he needs and pulling his helmet from the cockpit. He goes to get the panel, doublechecking it and his eyes widen. Yep... this may not be a good thing... and he resolves to have a chat with the commander - when the commander is awake. Shiho's pile-o-interesting stuff is likewise secured. He'll cart it all to his room that he shares with Aslan and leave a message with the commander.
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