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Hesitation can be fatal

Who: Deakka, Yzak, Shin, Rey, Heero, Shiho, Arthur
What: Yzak flips out and goes on a patrol only to find trouble with Deakka. Enter others to save them. Arthur is relieved of command - Heero takes command temporarily (Please Yzak or Deakka regain consciousness soon... Heero hates this job)

/Finding a balance between one's duty and what one's conscience dictates, is never an easy task./ Dullindal's words echo in Yzak's brain, over and over and over and over until he can barely think. /...take strength in your faith of convictions to face the trials to come. Take strength in your faith... Take strength in your faith.. take strength in your faith.../ He brings his fists down onto the keyboard and launches himself out of his chair, heading for the hallway and the lift and then the Hangar Bay. He needs to get OUT. He needs to SHOOT something. Preferably things that shoot back... An enemy, clearly defined, something that he can protect PLANT again and something which he knows he won't fuck up again. And so he heads straight for Sierra Antares One, fully intent on blasting the fuck off the Minerva and souting for some Taurus ass to vaporize.

Deakka steps out of his room and is nearly blasted back by the wind of Yzak's passing. "Hey, Yzak!" he calls, hurrying after Yzak. "What's wrong?"

Yzak flings a datapad at Deakka's head, and keeps moving. "That- that- How could he do this to me?" he howls. "After- after all that?"

Deakka catches it and reads as they walk, frowning. "Sounds like standard political bullshit to me," he mutters. "Okay, so he has faith in your ability to make a decision, and he doesn't want to make one himself," he said louder.


"He is a politician, who obviously doesn't want to get his hands dirty," Deakka finishes calmly.

Yzak just snarls, "Faith! FAITH!"

"What about faith?" Deakka asks. "What's so scary about that word?"

Yzak begins to turn on Deakka, murder in his eyes- he hasn't been this angry in a long, long time. But he turns back after a moment's tense attempts to regain control of himself, and storms into the bay, every line of him reflecting intense and absolute rage.

Deakka's eyes widen for a moment as Yzak turns on him, then follows him into the bay, pretty sure his best friend is about to do something very, very stupid.

Indeed! "Ready Sierra Antares One for launch," Yzak snaps imperiously to whatever mechanics are on hand. "I'm going out."

//Damnit.// "Ready my Zaku as well," Deakka ordered immediately on the heels of Yzak's words. "I'm going with the Commander."

Rather surprised, they're not going to refuse the commander and the mechanics hustle about trying to follow orders. The mechanics that were on the Voltaire before coming here know the commander well enough to NOT question him or wonder why... they just do it.

Yzak rounds on Deakka. "Who asked you?" he demands. "Did I ask you?"

"Nope," Deakka answers. "Did I ask you?"

Yzak's hands curl into fists, and he clearly seems to want to sock Deakka one in the noggin right then and there. But, seething, he just storms back out, for one cannot go flying around in space without a flight suit.

Smirking slightly, Deakka follows Yzak towards the locker room. Hopefully Yzak will realize what a harebrained idea this is and change his mind, maybe go back to his quarters so Deakka can calm him down in better ways than getting blown to kingdom come.

But Yzak's too far gone this time. He changes into his suit without a word or a glance to his compatriot, and then heads back into the bay, and straight for the cockpit of his zaku.

Sighing, Deakka changes quickly and hurries after Yzak. At the very least, he can keep Yzak from dying out there.

"We should be dead already," Yzak snaps over his shoulder, as if he'd somehow heard Deakka's thoughts. "Since it seems we're being given a chance to correct the earlier mistake-!" Who cares if he's heard by now? They're ALL dead men, at this rate!

"Yzak!" Deakka cries. //Damnit, they can HEAR you. Great confidence building Commander!//

"Shut up!" snarls Yzak, slips into the cockpit, and snaps the door shut. Moments later, his zaku goes live with a shudder and a flare of its single eye.

Flashing a grin at the nearest mechanic, who is standing there, slack jawed and amazed //No problem. Do this all the time. The insanity? Just an act, I swear. He's really quite competent.//, Deakka jumps into his own Zaku and brings up the OS, smiling at the rumbles as it comes to life.

Yes, the Mechanics from the Voltaire are used to this, and don't even bat an eye at this.

Meanwhile, announcements are made alerting maintenance crew - and the bridge gives clearance for Yzak to Launch as soon as his suit is equipped with a pack. Concurrently clearance will be given to Deakka's suit as soon as the pack for his Zaku is attached as well.

In his suit, Yzak just fumes. Anger is easier, after all. It's easier to want to shoot things and kill things than it is to admit that he is afraid of this responsibility and this change in the order of things. And he can't be angry at Aslan, who brought change with him, even though Yzak wanted him to return, because Aslan is not here. Because Aslan always leaves when things get complicated... He slams his fist down on his armrest once, twice, three times, with all of his strength, denting the metal slightly.

Deakka wishes he could do more than sit here, impotently, in the cockpit of his Zaku, waiting to go out and fight. Yzak is terrified, he knows, and there's nothing he can do but be there and protect him as best he can. //Why does it have to BE this way?//

"Commander Jule, standby to Launch. All systems online- Initiating launch sequence. Deakka Elsman unit, standby to Launch." There's a pause as the woman manning the comm confirms with the mechanics, "All systems online. Initiating launch sequence." Anytime they're ready.

"Sierra Antares One," Yzak confirms crisply, and, "Yzak Jule. Heading out."

"Deakka Elsman, Zaku. Heading out," Deakka echoed.

Acellerating out of the linear catapault, takes both suits out into the uncertainty of space. Of course Arthur isn't sure what to do if there's an emergency, but not like he can override his commanding officer if he decides to launch.

"So...how long are we gonna be out here?" Deakka drawls over the commlink, knowing and not caring that he's probably pissing Yzak off more.

Flicking on the channel to the ship as soon as they leave the ship, Yzak snaps to the bridge, "If anything, ANYTHING, happens while I'm out, you are to contact me immediately." And he cuts it, and speeds off. THings have been quiet lately- too quiet. Much too quiet. And now Aslan and Kira are both gone, leaving the sitting-duck Minerva even more vulnerable. All because, he thinks unchaitably, they couldn't avoid inconveniently getting their suits blown to hell and now he, Yzak Jule, must deal with the fallout. More fallout now, with this mess dumped into his lap. Under his breath, he swears, a low, steady stream of profanities undoubtedly heard by Deakka alone.


"I wonder if there's anything to kill out here," Deakka says easily, utterly ignoring the order to shut up.

"There had better be," Yzak snarls, forgetting the order that he's just given. "I'm sick of this game. I KNOW they're out there, I KNOW it, it's never this easy, not with other ships having been destroyed and Aslan and Yamato and-"

There's the faint pop of static over the comm as the Minerva acknowledges the order. It's not unusual for there to be just a little bit of white noise every once in a while.

"I mean, other than us," Deakka grumbles to himself, scanning the starfield with his eyes and instruments at the same time.

Yzak is silent at that- because he's doing the same thing? Or because he's thinking the same thing...

Deakka finally toggles the switch again, going nuts at the silence. "So...you gonna talk to me yet? Why are you so pissed off about that word, Yzak?"

"I had faith in Chairman Dullindal," Yzak whispers. "I thought that he could be the one to lead us out of this war. I thought that he'd be different from those who led us before. I thought that he'd show us the way... the right way, the way without any more mistakes."

"He doesn't know what that way is, Yzak. That's pretty obvious," Deakka says quietly. //And he's hoping we'll pull his ass out of the fire for him.//

There's alot of debris, slowly settling into the orbit of the Debris Belt, so it's not unusual to find large chunks on the scanners. Not much, but some pretty significant pieces still drifting in from the various lagrange points. Bits of blown up colonies and wreckage. There's a temporary blip on Yzak's scanners - it could have been floating debris.

"Better he than us!" Yzak shouts. "He's not the one who should have d-" And then the scanner grabs his attention, and he blasts off in that direction. Hopefully, it ISN'T wreckage!

Deakka blinks as Yzak's response suddenly cuts off and he blasts off to follow him. "Why should he know?" Deakka asks. "He's not here. He's never fought them!"

Speeding up brings up one blip and then a second. Unidentified although the recognition system of the Mobile Suits is scanning silhouettes for a match. Bingo. Jackpot or Ohcrap depending - but the identification comes up as both Tauruses. Actually - there are more than just two blips now.

"Oh...fuck," Deakka says, then sighs, bringing his Zaku into battleready mode.

As a matter of fact, there's... four other blips on the scanner, for a total of six Taurus units at this moment. Two on the 'run' and the others closing in for attack. And... it's outside of Minerva's scanning range.

Yzak flicks the comm to the ship back on, and snaps of, "This is Yzak Jule. We have encountered six Tauruses, two running off, four closing in." As to whether the message actually gets there, however...

Just in case, Deakka echoes the same message, hoping that the Minerva might hear him, being a little further back. He then accelerates to catch up, his forehead creasing in concentration as he gears up mentally for the battle.

There's pretty much just static and white noise on the radio frequency, no response back from the Minerva yet. Not that there's time when four of the units simultaneously start firing, two targetting Yzak's suit and another two targetting Deakka's. The other two that were running are now swinging around to join the battle.

Yzak abandons the comm with a curse, and does instead what he does best- Sierra Antares unslings its beam axe and charges forward as Yzak unleashes a rebel yell. THIS is what he lives for, after all! THIS is what he'd rather do! THESE BITCHES ARE GOING _DOWN_.

Deakka has already charged his cannon, and he lets loose with a few shots at the tauruses that are targetting him, his mouth set in a grim line.

The Tauruses don't have close range weaponry, so Yzak's theory isn't too flawed, it's just that it's now four Tauruses are trying to shoot down Yzak's suit. Sim work seems to have done some good, since the Tauruses seem to barely evade the shots fired by Deakka, meanwhile the other ones are still trying to shoot Yzak down. Still... one would HOPE that someone on the Minerva is paying attention to the fact that there's a battle starting

The odds, of course, only fire Yzak up all the more. Antares goes ballistic, dodging and juking to evade the shots as it spins forward to slash vciously at one with his axe. If Yzak gets hit... so be it. But he's taking down whatever he can with him.

Cursing under his breath as he sees four blips engage with Yzak's Zaku to his two, Deakka ramps up the intensity of his fire, wanting to dispatch his before Yzak can get hit.

And... all those hours in simulator have apparently paid off, as Yzak connects to one of the Tauruses. It's possible to hear the scream of metal ripping and shredding as the axe connecting and ripping through a joint of the Taurus, slicing off a leg and halfway through the other leg joint. Mobile suits aren't exactly meant to take beam fire all that well, although the armoring in Yzak's particular model is better than standard fare. Still, it's probably not going to miss someone's notice when parts the armoring of Yzak's suit shred off with a blast. Deakka's increased rate of fire, manages to shred the arm off of one Taurus, and a second hit cripples it in a firey explosion.

Yzak lets out another round of cursing as his suit sustains damage, but he quickly tunes out the blare of various alarm klaxons as Antares spins to deliver another strike to one of the suits behind him. He WILL take them down, even if it kills him! ...Especially, perhaps, if it does.

Not sparing a moment to celebrate for the destroyed suit, Deakka turns on the next one, firing a barrage at it.

Meanwhile on the bridge of the Minerva, "Still no contact with Sierra Antares One and Zaku," calls out the bridge bunny. "Detecting explosions in are where signal was lost, what should we do sir?" That was several minutes ago, and Arthur - still terribly new to command is at a dilemma - he can't exactly ORDER Yzak's troops into battle - but he CAN theoretically order the official Minerva crew - "Red alert, ready the suits for the Pilots of the Minerva."

"Yes sir!"

Klaxons go off on the ship, "Red Alert initiated. All crew to battle stations. Minerva pilots prepare to launch. Voltaire and Rosseau pilots on standby for commander Yzak's ok to launch." That's the best they can do. "I repeat, all hands to battle stations."

Meanwhile barely in sensor range now, since the Minerva's started moving towards the battle. Yzak's suit is designed perfectly for close range combat, although the various Tauruses are intent on staying OUT of range. The best Yzak can do, right now is to finish off that first mobile suit - the one now missing it's cockpit. Two down. Four to go. A few other blips have appeared on the screen as well on Deakka and Yzak's monitors.

And running, or perhaps floating over to his Mobile Suit comes Rey Za Burrel, clad in his white pilot suit and helmet for the first time in quite a while, actually. He quickly flies into the cockpit of the Blaze Zaku Phantom, and quickly turns all systems on. Of course, he has to wait for the lifts and the wires engage first. And though he has an easy time managing and keeping his cool, he's a bit on the antsy side. This is not a good time for an ambush!

Heero had pretty much reconsidered the sanity of piloting a Zaku without a suit. Sure he's done it BEFORE but not in a mobile suit that had... in his mind was way too heavy. Well... this was probably to be expected as he starts activating the systems on his MS.

Likewise in Minerva's hangar bay, Shin Asuka pulls himself into the cockpit of the Core Splendor, which of course gets its own special catapult and everything. He begins the startup sequence, the cockpit closing and sealing itself around him as he does so, even as the Impulse's lift seals itself off from the rest of the hangar bay. "C'mon... Hurry it up," the pilot mutters under his breath, looking upwards... Guess they're going to get their first crack at the /actual/ Mobile Dolls, rather than just the simulated ones!

Unaware of the suits currently launching from the Minerva, Deakka takes another barrage at the last suit, amazed at how well they are able to evage his shots, despite the experience he had from the sims.

"Catapult hydraulic pressure nominal," comes the announcement as the lift with Core Splendor locks into place. "Path is clear, Core Splendor, you are cleared for launch!" There's a pause as the female voice continues, "Zaku. Rey Za Burrel unit stand by for launch. Zaku, Heero Yuy unit aslo ready for launch." The bridge is a frenzy of action, "What equipment do we use for Impulse?" Arthur is witless it seems for this, and fumbles for "Force Silhouette!" he finally chooses in desperation. "Any word from the commander?"

"Negative, communication is apparently jammed."

"Jule Team units continue on standby for Commander's okay for launch."

Antares spins again, its axe slashing at the cockpitless suit, before Yzak, with another yell, hurtles at the next nearest Taurus. One hand goes for a Heat Hawk, and flings it forth on a lethal boomerang course.

Sitting at the Core Splendor's controls, Shin focuses intently, waiting for the order to launch... And there it is! "Shin Asuka, Core Splendor, launching!" Forward goes the throttle, and the Core Splendor's thrusters - along with the linear catapult - hurl the tiny vehicle out of Minerva and into space. Following shortly thereafter (no wonder Impulse gets its own catapult) are the Chest and Leg Flyers, and then Force Silhouette, as the Mobile Suit goes through the unfortunately lengthy process of combining... Each second bringing it closer to the battle, despite its brief vulnerability. With Force Impulse in one piece, and its Phase Shift Armor up, the Gundam accelerates to top speed, and starts to haul ass towards Yzak, Deakka, and their new friends!

The White ZAKU Phantom settles into its catapult position, and shortly it is handed both its assault rifle as well as its backpack. Rey Za Burrel adjusts a few minute settings before slowly moving his hand towards the Vernier ignition. With only a look of determination on his face, Rey waits for that none-too-soon system green call from the Bridge Bunny. And when it finally does? "Rey Za Burrel, ZAKU, launching!!" He SLAMS forward the ignition and acceleration, letting the blazing jets launch him into the infinite space before him. As soon as he reaches a suitable distance away from the Minerva, the camera eye on the Zaku shifts towards the ongoing battle. When Rey spots it, he breaks and sets his course, Rey's finger, or perhaps his Mobile Suit's finger, is already hot on the trigger.

His Zaku is settled into the catapault. As soon as the pack is attached, Heero's blue eyes narrow. The moment the okay for the Launch is given, he pushes the throttle into full. "Heero Yuy, launching!" It struck him as ridiculous to have to announce all this stuff. So honesly he neglects metioning his mobile suit - it's not like they don't already know. He barrels out into space, hearing the voice of Yzak's top Red - Shiho, demanding clearance to launch over the comm. Arthur can be heard stammering that he's waiting for Yzak to answer his hails. "Idiot. Screw protocol and give the other suits the OK for Jule's forces to launch. The commander's being jammed." Does Arthur need to have everything spelled out for him? Until Arthur makes up his mind, the Jule unit will be a little delayed in launching.

Tauruses are good, but there's only so much a mobile suit can guess under the barrage of someone like Yzak. A superior suit - and really a completely pissed off insane pilot does wonders. Unfortunately, Yzak's Mobile Suit might have some extensive repairs if he doesn't try to evade more of the hits. Meanwhile the number of converging mobile suits seems to have peaked at fourteen converging blips. It just takes time, but there's plenty for Yzak to rip apart as he nails a Taurus with that maneouvre. And there's two more suits firing at Deakka's suit. Mechanics are going to love you both.

Yzak seems disinclined to evade hits, instead charging at a suicidal full-throttle at the enemy suits, wasting no time wth fancy evasive manoeuvres. Does he _want_ to be blasted to smithereens? He sets his axe to spinning, the twin blades on one end and the scythe on the other a furious whirlwind.

"Damnit, Yzak!" Deakka snarls over the comm as he turns to attack the three now come at him. "There's too many of them! Yzak!"

"SHUT UP!" shrieks Yzak.

//Asshole.// "Do you want to die, or something, damnit?" Deakka snarls in response.

"WHO'S GONNA DIE?" howls Yzak, outraged.

"There's a million of them out here, Yzak!" Deakka replies, firing another barrage at the damnable machines.


"That's enough!" Deakka shoots back.

Of course, here comes the cavalry! Now, another pilot might take advantage of the transit time to take some shots with a beam rifle, or something, but Shin's long since decided that ranged weapons are basically a waste of time against the Tauruses... This has led him to a rather straightforward tactic. Impulse's beam rifle is stored at the small of its back, or as close to such as a giant humanoid robot has, and while one hand grasps the suit's shield... There's a beam saber in the other, and the rather distinctive Gundam is charging at the most opportune of the Tauruses beseiging Deakka and Yzak, ideally attacking it from behind, and around the midsection. Shin being Shin, anyone who can actually hear him over the comms hears him shout as he comes in on the attack, carnage hot on the reckless red-eyed Coordinator's heels. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

And the odds are progressively growing better as Impulse joins the combat. While not necessarily taken by surprise but Impulse has firepower and Shin's tendency to be completely unpredictable - okay add one more to the fiery shredded explosion. The other units meanwhile track the newly entering units. On Yzak and Deakka's screen are multiple friendly signals. Impulse at the front. Rey and Heero's unit incoming and Jule Unit suits lead by Shiho's suit.

And soon after Shin, in comes flying the Blaze ZAKU. This time, Rey isn't wasting any moment trying to precisely aim shots. Instead, he's immediately laying down a heavy assault from his beam rifle, aiming towards a few Taurus's not in close proximity to his three allies. A rain of shining green light besets itself upon the Tauruses, and Rey himself makes quite an effort to drop them out of their strange formations. Rey takes absolutely no moment to stop and aim, executing several evasive maneuvers to keep himself a moving target. It's obvious that Rey has been taught something from his hours in simulation, and he is playing by his own strengths, the Blaze ZAKU itself being a mobility type.

Deakka swears a prayer to whoever is looking out for them that someone on the Minerva saw fit to mobilize the troups, and goes after the remaining Tauruses with renewed vigor.

There's something to said about cover fire. It helps keep the Taurus units busy. Ranged snipering isn't the best idea with Tauruses but with cover fire, it's easier. Aim where they're trying to go - and with that theory in mind Heero adds some sniper fire.

Depending on their suit type, the Jule Team descends, intent on putting simulator time to good use, instead of hopeless, grim goes to more positive, although Yzak's suit and Deakka's may or may not be in such happy shape having been in the fighting the longest and maybe not the best odds.

Yzak brings both gatling guns into play as he closes with another Taurus, cutting off the barrage only when he moves to cleave it in half. Antares spins again, guns blazing, and the other heat hawk is whipped out at yet another mobile doll. But the lack of Phase Shift armor is a serious liability, judging by the serious damage that it's sustained- and sustaining.

It's kind of difficult to help Yzak out, given his rather frenetic combat style, but Shin - who tends to be much the same - is gonna give it the ol' college try. Force Impulse whirls about, bleeding off velocity and redirecting its thrust, to go afer one of the Tauruses attacking Yzak's Zaku, leading with the Gundam's anti-beam shield, the beam saber in Impulse's other hand brought to bear at the first opportunity he can get... Of course he'd like to go for a killing stroke against the Mobile Dolls, but he'll attack weapons or hack off arms if he can manage it. He's not stopping to converse, he's not stopping to check up on the condition of the more experienced pilots... He's here, as it were, to take out the trash, teeth gritted in his commitment to get rid of as many of the automated suits as he can.

The Academy should probably reconsider it's training techniques if it puts out pilots like Yzak and Shin. Several Tauruses are destroyed in firey ruin as multiple shots from multiple units hit - although some of Yzak's greens don't seem to be faring so well. The odds are, unless there's a huge fleet of Tauruses waiting to assult the Minerva, the odds are falling in favor of the Minerva pilots. Recognizing Impulse as a threat as well, three split off in an attempt to target the Gundam. Rey's unit is also targetted by two Tauruses, making for easy pickings to any of the sniper Zaku types. Picking off the damaged suit is the main objective of about three of the remaining Tauruses, trying to completely annhiliate Yzak's suit before Impulse can stop it. As a matter of fact, one beam strikes Yzak's suit, just below the cockpit, taking out the entire hip and leg joint. There's a second explosion, as apparently the shot hit fried and exploded some components possibly in the cockpit of Yzak's suit.

A staticky shriek is briefly audible through the comm before it dissolves into a dissonant blast of sound as Yzak's cockpit speakers blow. But Antares keeps firing, the axe spinning, though slower now, and slower, its coordination dissolving as its pilot whites out.

For the most part, Rey doesn't change his strategy. He continues to spray suppressive fire while dodging every counterattack he is able to. The rapid and continuous motion can get to even the best of pilots, and Rey is gritting his teeth and not letting any impulsive senses get the better of him. He's relying quite a bit on both Heero and Jule squad to take care of all the suits that manage to escape the deadly rain of viridian laser, which, admittedly, is most of them. Of course, it isn't until after the two mobile suits target him explode in fireballs before Rey notices a near direct hit on Yzak's unit. "... D... Damn!!" Rey shouts, immediately rushing to the aide of Shin and Yzak. And right away, he puts his rifle away and takes out its heat hawk, rushing in for close combat assistance.

Deakka snarls with rage and goes after the remaining tauruses he's fighting, working his way recklessly through them to get to Yzak.

Heero was rather busy taking out the ones targetting Rey, now switching to support fire rather than snipering. And he barely takes notice - there's more than enough units trying to get to Yzak's suit - Shiho, Rey, Deakka. More Tauruses find their way to firey ruin, exploding as Yzak's team of pilots vent their fury on the offending mobile dolls.

"Commander!" Shin shouts, as he sees Yzak's unit getting hammered by the Tauruses, even as three more tie Shin himself up. Now, he might not be the biggest fan of Commander Jule, but they're all on the same side, right? "Tch... We're not gonna lose anyone to a bunch of stupid toys!!" Yes, here it comes... Fiery, raging anger. For most people, it might mean mistakes, poor planning... But that would be neglecting the simple fact that /Shin Asuka doesn't plan/. For him, it means just pushing his talent and the abilities of the Impulse Gundam even closer to their respective limits. "KAAAAAA-!" Whirling about again, Impulse actually /throws/ its anti-beam shield, edgewise and as hard as it can, at the nearest Taurus, before that hand then goes for the suit's second beam saber, his next action being to start laying about with both sabers, pushing Impulse's speed to the limit in order to negate the Tauruses' advantage in long-ranged weapons.

It's pretty much just a slaughter at this point - of Tauruses. Wether by Shin or someone else. The Tauruses dwindle in number - although wether they've managed to take out Yzak completely, is a good question. That suit is dead in the water. The remaining mobile dolls are not getting out of here in one piece. "No signs of a surveillance shuttle in the area," Heero says over comm. He's nonplussed still.

Well, it looks like Yzak is being taken care of for the moment. Time for Rey to focus on the matters at hand! His camera-light immediately switches focus to the remaining Taurus's, and upon seeing this in his feed Rey's eyes immediately close into a squint. The top of his Blaze pack flips off, revealing quite a nice stash of missiles. Obviously, Shin's anger has rubbed off on the poor Blaze ZAKU pilot, and as soon as he hits the button to launch the missiles, he mutters to nobody in particular. "... See you in hell."

With a snarl and a definite howl of rage, Shiho whirls her zaku around and grabs onto her commander's battered suit, holding onto its arm. "I'm taking his suit back to the Minerva," she calls through the intercom, already making tracks past the remaining bursts of carnage. Oh, not pleased, is she, her commander either severely injured or ... no. He's alive. Simply because she wills it to be so.

Antares trails smoke and bits of armor, limp in Shiho's grasp.

Deakka throws himself into battle, now that he knows Yzak's going to be all right, firing left and right to try to finish off the last of the tauruses.

Impulse, of course, continues along the same 'carnival of carnage' route it's been going with since arriving on the scene. Shin isn't incoherent by any means, but he's probably causing a big enough distraction to keep the Tauruses away from Yzak's damaged suit, and the Zaku pulling it away. And wow, even Rey's getting in on the action! He's probably gonna have to get his shield back at some point, here.

Cleanup. That's all it is at this point. The last few Tauruses finally beaten down leaving more debris in an already debris-ridden area. There's no signs of mobile doll reinforcements so best to return to the Minerva and get some repairs.

Upon seeing the last of the Tauruses go down in smoke, as well as seeing the multi-colored fireworks-esque flares go up above the Minerva, Rey heaves a sigh of relief. Slowly, his suit flies back towards the Minerva, and assumably preparing to get some heavy maintenence done!

Meanwhile someone's taken charge of the field - it's Heero issuing orders to the bridge. He's distinctly put out with the bridge - and Arthur. Arranging for salvage. He's also making sure the intact mobile suits that AREN'T moving under their power get towed back by other suits. Heero? He gets Deakka's suit to drag back. Thankfully this is zero G.... Unless someone's still around, Heero is likely going to be the last one back.

Good timing, too... Shin's rather poor treatment of Impulse isn't exactly easy on the Gundam's limited energy reserves. By the time the last of the Tauruses are destroyed, Impulse has already regained its anti-beam shield, and both the suit's beam sabers are returned to their mounts on its back... Inside the cockpit, Shin is showing obvious signs of strain, too, turning to join the other suits returning to Minerva... And dragging another one of the Zakus unable to return under its own power.

* * *

It's with a distinct feeling of dread that one Arthur Trine contemplates the debacle spread out in front of him, concerning the health of the commanding officer of the Minerva and his adjutant. Honestly, he was just trying to follow protocool, how could doing things by the book have turned into such a nightmare?


Oh, that can't be good.

Shiho Hahnenfuss, Yzak's most senior red, comes prowling into the bridge, having abandoned her helmet in the infirmary after watching Yzak and Deakka get settled in. She hasn't even bothered to change into her uniform yet, still in her flightsuit, her gloved hands clenched into fists. "YOU. What the hell did you think you were doing up here? Do you KNOW what happened out there? No, of course you don't know, because you were too busy WHINING FOR MOMMY to actually think for a change and do what needed to be done!" Oh, but she's not done yet, not by a long shot. Twitching like a furious cat just dying to really unleash her claws, her hair a tail that waves dangerously behind her in the half-gravity, she points one finger imperiously at Arthur. "Men are DEAD out there, and our commander is unconcious and gods only know when he'll be awake again, because /you/ couldn't have a useful thought in your head! You're the second in command here, why don't you ACT like it?!"

Arthur snaps to ramrod straight posture, this look of nigh panic on his face as he hears that tone. It can't be good, and indeed - his very worst fears are confirmed as he's faced with a young pilot - Yzak's senior Red... It's almost a miracle that his mind even wraps around her identity as his expression grows steadily more pale. "I uh.... I.... there was protocool.... I mean your unit answers to Commander Jule and his adjutant" It's not WHINING in his voice per se but there's a desperate air to it as he lamely attempts to justify his commands - or lack thereof.

Shiho snarls, sweeping the air with her hand as she gestures to the bridge. "You saw the chaos that happened out there. There is a time for protocol, and there is a time for doing what is RIGHT. Are you such a slave to the system that you can't even separate one from the other? Trying to keep us in the bay when we were ready to get out there and get rid of the mobile suits was not 'abiding by protocol,' that was stupidity and it cost us the lives of some of our comrades." Oh, yes, Shiho, twist that knife a bit deeper...

"Screw protocol," comes a hard voice. It's husky with an almost sandpaper raspy texture. Heero heard that lame defense, and the Red that brought in Deakka enters the bridge, having changed, although he hasn't had time to completely button up his jacket. "Logic dictates that if the commander does not respond to hails within what should be radio range - that he may NOT BE ABLE TO and may require assistance." Then again the concept of a commander going out in a suit and his adjutant being able to as well strikes him as being somewhat stupid - especially when the XO is - clearly - incompetent. Intense blue eyes bore into Athur, listening to Shiho as she continues to lay on the guilt.

"B-...but..." Arthur is definitely starting to wilt under Shiho's merciless words and finding himself just a bit more backed into a corner with what Heero says.

Whipping around when Heero enters, Shiho's eyes narrow, then her gaze snaps back to Arthur. "There are no buts in this instance, Trine. My /commander/ is /injured/ -- perhaps permanently -- because YOU couldn't have the gods-given sense to think about what was right! You need to be at a desk job, do you know that? A desk job, pushing papers, where you can't endanger the lives of others with your incompetance!"

Heero seems to have had pretty much the same idea. Trine should be somewhere where he isn't endangering lives - or at least under the supervision of someone that can make sure he WON'T SCREW UP. No wonder he was under Talia. "With XO's like you, who needs enemies, you'll do the job a hundred times more efficiently than an AI."

Wilt... Arthur just slumps. "I was just trying to follow my orders..." Maybe it's too harsh but either he shapes up or he needs to find another line of work. "Besides, why did the commander have to be the one to go out on such sudden notice?" Trying to shift the blame now.

"So you're going to question your commander, then?" Shiho returns, her voice gone dangerously soft. Oh yes, this one is a firebrand. She'd either get along famously with Shin or fight with him nonstop. "You can't even do your duty to this ship, its commander and its crew, and yet -- and /yet/ -- you dare to question his motives? Should I have you reported?"

Heero seems to have come to a decision, after what Shiho says about reporting Arthur. He moves over to the girl manning comm and passing her his ID. He's watching Arthur as he speaks slowly and deliberately, "Under ZAFT military and intelligence agreement-" Heero names off some code with pertaining section number. It's a statute that actually allows someone in Intelligence to assume emergency military command in a Situation. Which hopefully Shiho agrees it is. "Intelligence officer, Adin Lowe. I am relieveing the current commanding officer Arthur Trine of duty and will assume temporary command of the Minerva until such a time as either Commander Yzak Jule or his adjutant Deakka Elsman are cabable of assuming command or until Aslan Zala returns from his mission and is able to assume command. Order to be executed effective immediately under security clearance, Black Alpha."

"I - er... no... He--- he...." Shiho's implication has him shrinking back. One has to wonder if it's parsed into Arthur's mind yet as he stares rather stupidly at Heero. "R- relieved...?" It's hard to tell if he's going to laugh or cry or both or if he's relieved to be relieved of command - he honestly can't think straight at this moment at the sight of a boy that looks barely... 15? Barely even qualified to be a pilot.

Shiho starts to speak, then pauses and peers at Heero intently for a moment. The boy seems to pass whatever test she was using to assess him with, however, for she turns a grim smile at Arthur. "I'd say this counts as a Situation, definitely." She seems to be mollified for the moment, it appears, for she desists from her tirade. At least for now.

"Confirming emergency transfer of ship authority of intelligence officer, Adin Lowe under named statute and security clearance," the girl says from Comm. Actually she seems as surprised as the next person.

Heero nods curtly, "Arthur Trine, please return to your quarters until such a time as someone of proper military rank is able to assess the situation. I strongly advise that you remain there - and have your meals brought to you - for your safety." Ahem. Not really safety but he suspects Shiho isn't the only Jule Team pilot to have murderous feelings towards the man.

"......" Several degrees of gray-pale/ashen.... Arthur's knees just seem to buckle. It's a good thing probably that the ship's at half-grav because as is, he's found himself sitting on the ground with this half-stunned look on his face looking rather dumbly at the two pilots. Twitch.

"You heard the man," Shiho informs Arthur pitilessly as she watches him sink to the floor. "Remove yourself to your quarters, or you'll be disobeying orders."

"Y- yes sir..." There... really isn't much for Arthur but to stand up shakily and wobble his way to the lift. Is that relief on his face, or the look of a man wondering if he's to face an inquisition or his own funeral?

Heero? He's watching the man leave with an unreadable expression. How do people like that end up in such damaging positions?

Shiho sighs as she watches Arthur leave, her adrenaline rush starting to leave her, then glances to Heero again, eyeballing him for a long moment. "So you're Intel?"

Heero probably looks too young to be a pilot, let alone Intel except for maybe the look in his eyes. "Yes," He pretty much is in charge of himself in that sense... "You're Hahnenfuss, Jule's senior Red from the Voltaire, correct?"

"Yes." Now that Arthur's gone, Shiho seems far more... well, maybe not 'friendly' but she's certainly less likely to go into a violent rage. "I've been with the Jule Squad for a little over two years."

Heero nods, "Until either the commander or Deakka is able to command, I'm placing you in charge of the pilots of the Voltaire and Rosseau. Patrol in shifts - teams of three or more. Have one set reserve ready to launch at the first sign of trouble." Heero's cautious. "All other pilots are to rest. I mean rest." Heero's already going through a list of things that need to be done. He snaps an order to comm, "Start a salvage of the enemy mobile suits. Send a communique to Command reporting that we have encountered an neutralized enemy mobile suits. Request salvage support. Mechanics to retrieve combat data. Preliminary report will be filed by Intelligence Officer Adin Lowe. Final report to be made when commander Jule is capable." The list just goes on doesn't it?

Hey, this kid's not too shabby. Shiho watches Heero with a raised eyebrow, according him a deserved amount of fresh respect, one hand on her hip as she listens to the orders. "So do you prefer Heero Yuy or Adin Lowe? Just so I know what I should call you, instead of switching off."

"Request assistance of any fleet ships in the area to widen search area for hostiles. Mechanics to estimate time needed for repairs. Medical to give status report on injured - has medical given an assessment of Commander Jule's condition?" He's asking comm but maybe Shiho knows. "It doesn't matter. For convenience? Heero."

"Yuy, then." Shiho's not /that/ comfortable with Heero. "Commander's pretty battered, but he'll pull through. Shrapnel along his right side, broken arm, broken collarbone, broken ribs, broken thigh." No, she is not pleased in the slightest with this, but her commander will turn out alright.

There's a curt nod from Heero. /He'll live. Good./ To furthur make comm's life busy - Heero adds, "Also - contact Carpentaria, and request that Aslan Zala contact the Minerva immediately upon his arrival." Which might be a day from now or several days from now.

Shiho glances at Heero, now, curiously, but she doesn't ask what she's dying to know -- what the hell is Zala doing down on Earth? All she knows is that she has patrols to organize and get going. "I'm taking first patrol with two others of my squad. I'll get the rest lined up and on a schedule for rest and patrol." Oh yeah, he's commander of this ship now. "Sir."

Heero almost twitches at the sir. You know that feeling of being on display at the zoo? He feels like that about now.... Looks like the normal Minerva crew is his responsibility right now... joy. "Get to it, then," He says quietly. They'll have a.... very long day/night whatever.... "And make sure you get some rest too." Heero certainly isn't.

"I'll rest when I can." Which, knowing Shiho, might be a while. She salutes, then turns on her heel and stalks out, intent on hunting down her squad and snapping them back into order.

Heero meanwhile leaves word with the infirmary that Deakka and/or Yzak should be informed of the command transfer and /get back to him on it/. Whenever one of them can. e_e;
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