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"Go back to sleep..."

What: Logfile
Who: Deakka, Heero, Shiho, Rey
Where: Infirmary
When: After Yzak wakes up

Don't fret, precious, I'm here
Step away from the window
And go back to sleep...

Deakka doesn't feel much pain when he opens his eyes, but he does feel a great deal of confusion. //How the hell did I...// The last thing he REMEMBERS is blowing up mobile dolls, and Yzak nearly dying and--

As he sits up abruptly, the pain explodes to life and he falls back down again, moaning.

That was probably all that was needed for the medics to contact the bridge who by roundabout methods contacted Heero that the other of the unholy duo was finally awake, and he probably should go check on Deakka... probably with Shiho fast on his heels - or maybe faster?

Faster. Do not get between Shiho and her nakama. Shiho races into the infirmary, then comes to a skidding stop before weaving her way over to Deakka's side. "Sir! You're awake! Just rest -- do you need some painkillers?"

"Painkillers?" Deakka says muzzily. "What happened? Where's Yzak? Is he all right?" We can tell where HIS mind is...

Heero, behind the firebrand that's Shiho, comments idly, "In the next bed over. He woke up a little earlier and seems to have drifted again." Obviously Deakka isn't assuming command immediately. *mutter*

"Commander will be fine. He's pretty banged up, but he'll be fine." Shiho grabs the painkillers, opening the bottle, then grabs the water bottle she'd set aside for Yzak. "Here, take these."

Deakka frowns over at the other bed, deciding that at least ONE of the three Yzaks he saw had to be real, and grins. "Great." He takes the pills and bottle from Shiho and swallows the pills. "So who's in command?"

Heero replies, "The commander's reinstated Arthur after last night's debacle," Admittedly once things are in motion the guy can at least punch buttons and other things that aren't particularily detrimental to the troops.

Deakka frowns, parsing that. "So who was in command when Arthur wasn't?" he asks in confusion.

"Yuy was," Shiho returns, nodding towards Heero as she takes the pill bottle back, putting it away. "Or, should I say, Adin Lowe. Whichever."

Deakka stares at Heero - well, a little to the right of Heero's eyes, since he still couldn't quite see properly. "YOU took command? On what authority?"

"ZAFT Military and Intelligence code. And the sooner you're back on your feet, the sooner I can step down," Heero in a rather disgruntled note. Deakka probably recognizes the Adin name as being under the Intel cover...

Shiho glowers, sitting down in her usual chair, the one between Yzak's and Deakka's beds. "That Trine is a menace and needs to be at a desk job."

Heero makes a disagreeable face, "At least he does what he's told when he's given specific orders to follow. The man does not know how to improvise or think beyond the regulations." Yet. "I've already given the commander a report of the current ship status."

Deakka frowns, scrubbing at his face irritably. "All right, then," he says tiredly. "Well, I'm going to have to take command. That's all." Shifting, he attempts to get out of bed and NOT fall down.

Immediately, Shiho's up and at Deakka's bedside again. "Are you certain you can get up right now, sir?" For a girl who's so damn prickly to outsiders, she's certainly friendly enough to her nakama.

"I'm fine," Deakka says stubbornly, though the room seems to be slowly revolving around him. "Just...tell me which door is the right one and I can make it from here."

Heero says "Aslan Zala has still at this time not reported in at Carpentaria. Ship status is still condition green. Hahnenfuss has just returned from an organized patrol. Two vessels should be arriving within a few hours to assist. The Mechanics are supervising the repairs of damaged mobile suits and combat data retrieval is complete. Salvage operations are on hold pending additional assistance from ZAFT vessels to arrive. With the exception of the commander and yourself, all injured has been released from the infirmary."

"None killed?" Deakka asks sharply. "And Yzak and I were the worst injuries?"

"...Greg Allen," Shiho murmurs, quietly naming one of their greens. "But yes, you and the commander have the worst injuries..."

"An additional five sustained light to moderate injuries and were released nearly immediately. All five will be fit to resume active duty tomorrow," supplements Heero.

Deakka nods slowly, one fist clenching briefly. They'll wait until Yzak is awake to officiate before doing a memorial for Allen, of course. "How badly injured is Yzak?" he asks quietly.

Shiho draws herself rigid, because military stance is comforting in the face of inner worry. "Broken right arm, thigh, collarbone, ribs, plus shrapnel has been removed, but he's going to manage just fine."

Heero passes Deakka a disk, "This is a copy of the preliminary report I submitted to High Command. They will be expecting a final report from Commander Yzak when he's capable of doing so."

Deakka relaxes a little, and nearly loses his footing. He grabs Heero's arm instead of taking the disk, trying to keep his feet rather than fall embarrassingly his knees buckle. "Y-yeah, okay," he manages.

"Sir... sir, please, let me help." Shiho reaches out, attempting to get one of Deakka's arms around her shoulders so he can use her to brace.

Heero is probably the least touchie-happy person short of Yzak in the room. Well maybe more maybe less.... who knows, but when Deakka grabs hold of his arm, it's all Heero can do to NOT react - his other hand gripping at Deakka's wrist, although he forces his grip to relax after a moment. "Perhaps, you should rest some more rather than attempting to aggravate your condition."

"I'm not... I... Fuck," Deakka finally relents with a curse, allowing Shiho to help him back into bed. "I guess I could use some more rest," he says grudgingly.

Shiho snorts faintly, helping to guide Deakka back onto the bed. "He's right, sir. Rest, relax, or you'll end up in worse condition than this."

"I don't want things to get worse," Deakka says softly. "Without anyone competent in command..."

Heero tugs at his uniform sleeve, not that it really needs that much straightening out. "So far the patrols have sighted nothing. I left her-" Heero indicates to Shiho, "to organize the patrols. Yzak has given her the authority to launch in the event he is unable to give the OK." They're covered there.

Deakka sighs. "In other words 'shut up, sir, the only one making things worse is you', right?"

Shiho merely raises an eyebrow, sitting -- again -- in her chair, in silence.

Heero wouldn't say that... "Contrary to what you may believe, sir. It would be in our best interests that you were fully recovered before resuming your duties." Heero personally doesn't want to remain in command any longer than he has to. "The ship's status is currently green - unless that is to radically change in the next twenty-four hours, there should be little to concern yourself with."

Deakka spears Heero with a look that's somewhat more lucid than any he's given him thus far. "And if anything should change, I will be notified immediately, correct?"

Heero replies succintly, "Of course. I may understand what needs to be done after a battle but I'm not qualified to command during a battle situation. I'm specialized in piloting not ship tactics."

Deakka nods again and then brings a hand to his head, wincing. "Okay, good. I might be in pain, but I'm not stupid. I CAN still command if I have to."

"I am currently serving as the commanders adjutant until you are able to resume your duties," Heero states calmly. Meaning if he can, he'll try to route things to Yzak and/or Deakka. Well try... he still has an independant streak but he's keeping it under control. "My main intent is to prevent an unseasoned bridge officer from causing any inadvertant harm to the Minerva and its Crew due to indecision."

Shiho snorts faintly, looking away. Apparently she is STILL prickly over Arthur's sheer ineptitude. "At least we won't have to worry about him being unable to issue a command without asking in advance."

Deakka sighs softly. "I'm sure it'll be fine," he says. "Just consider me to be in command from the infirmary, and Heero is my voice on the bridge. Anything major comes through me."

Heero looks to Shiho, "The commander has already made his position very clear to Trine." Forgive the guy already - okay maybe not... Heero's still got issues with the guy. "Yes, sir." This is going to be reams of fun, he can already feel it. What stage was he on the list of Yzak's orders? Oh yeah... he hasn't reached Sleep yet - then again he never really finished eat yet. "The Merleau and the Derrida should reach our position in approximately three hours. The Derrida will assist in the salvage and retrieval of the Taurus suits and return to High Command."

Going quiet, Shiho merely nods. She is not prone to forgiveness, not easily, but she'll at least shut up about the matter. ...For now.

"Good," Deakka says, laying back down on the bed. "Wake me up in two hours and fifty-five minutes."

Meaning theoretically, Heero has enough time for a very short nap.... so he's not completely disobeying Yzak's orders. And hopefully Trine can NOT botch things during that ninety-minute period. "Yes sir. I'm going to get some rest before the commander gets me for not following his orders."

Deakka opens his eyes and blinks at Heero for a moment. "You do that," he says, flashing Heero a grin. "Thanks for keeping things together, you two."

"It's our job," Shiho returns, brushing it off, though she does smile faintly.

Well it's Shiho's job, Heero's? Maybe. He salutes briefly, military precise. "Get some rest, sir. I'll wake you before the ships are scheduled to arrive and I'll have another status report ready."

"Thank you, Heero," Deakka says. He glances at Shiho and smiles at her with a hint of his usual flirtation. "And thank you, too, Shiho. I hope both of you can get some rest, for now."

Heero will leave the trio be, as he turns to head out and follow his own decision to GET SOME SLEEP - even if it's just a nap.

Shiho shakes her head, sitting almost stiffly in her chair. "I'll be staying here. I can rest here just fine."

"Why are you staying here?" Deakka asks, blinking sleepily at her. Now that Heero's gone, he's feeling MUCH more relaxed - and therefore tired. "Yzak and I aren't going to come to any harm in the infirmary, Shiho."

"What if you two need something?" Shiho returns, quite reasonably, as she picks up her long-abandoned book and sets it in her lap.

"If we need something, we have feet and lungs," Deakka says, chuckling. "You need a break, Shiho."

Shiho looks up at Deakka again, obviously uncertain. "But, sir... neither of you should be walking, or really moving about at all." Need a break? Shiho? NEVAR.

"How long have you been watching over us, Shiho?" Deakka asks gently.

"...In between patrols, since the fight," Shiho returns, quietly.

"So in other words, you haven't slept or rested since the fight," Deakka says, raising an eyebrow at her. "Now, how can I sleep easy knowing a beautiful woman is sitting in an uncomfortable chair, and needs sleep even more than I do?"

Blushing visibly, Shiho responds in the only way she can: she glares up at Deakka. "I had an hour nap, sir!" she returns, her expression so much like Yzak's usual glare as to be almost comical.

"An hour out of how long?" Deakka returns.

And who else could barge in on a almost tender moment, besides everyone's favorite aloof and enigmatic ZAKU Phantom pilot, Rey Za Burrel? The young pilot makes his way into the infirmirary, finding a pain reliever to soothe his aching head. Though he quite visibly passes by Shiho and Deakka, he doesn't even offer them a glance. Rey is the type to avoid a lot of contact, but unfortunately that is becoming increasingly difficult due to everybody and their uncle coming aboard the ship. So, he just chooses to mostly ignore the going-ons and keep on his task. For those expecting any other treatment, the guy doesn't even talk very much to his -roommate- for God's sake.

Shiho shrugs. "About thirty-six hours, but that's nothing." Rey gets eyeballed after a moment, and she raises an eyebrow before just shaking her head.

And without even looking back at the two... "... Insufficient sleep can dull your senses. People are much more liable to make fatal mistakes if they do not get the rest their body needs than they are if they rest for a few hours." And here Rey is almost imitating the lecture Yzak gave Rey himself. Perhaps its just part of Rey's strange sense of humor.

Deakka winces at Rey's tone, but has to nod gently, giving Shiho a smile. "Rey's right," he says. "And while I'm not too concerned about you letting yourself get to that point, I'd really like it if you'd lie down and have yourself a proper nap." He grins. "Don't make me offer you a corner of my bed."

Oh, that was just not fair. Shiho looks down at her book, then stands abruptly as if to leave. "I have my own bed, thank you, sir," she informs Deakka briskly, then eyes Rey. "I'm aware of this, but I've functioned perfectly on stretches of forty-eight hours without sleep. Thirty-six is nothing."

"I don't doubt that you have." Rey responds coolly. The two have probably all gone under the same training and learned the same skills, though Rey probably had more extensive classes. How long could Rey last without sleep? Don't ask. "But I'm assuming we could be sent out at a moment's notice, and I assume we won't last long unless we're all focused." Rey finally looks at Deakka and Shiho. "... I'm sure you would do the commander much more good maintaining your health than if he woke up to hear his top ace has died foolishly."

"And how much sleep have you had in the last 36 hours, Rey?" Deakka asks solicitously, hoping to head off an argument.

"... enough to be ready at a moment's notice." Rey responds, his voice level.

"Which is how much?" Deakka asks firmly, smirking.

Shiho's eyes narrow at Rey, flashing. /Asshole./ But ah, Deakka speaks up, thus saving her from her pride's demand of a response.

... Admittedly more than he would like. Every hour slept could be used on the gun range, or in the simulators! "... Six hours to my estimation." His eyes match upon Shiho's, and he can sense the same sort of pride that came from the Commander when he had to talk with him. "... I mean no offense. In fact, Commander Jule scolded me for the precise same thing, and I'm sure he would care far more for one of his own."

"Good, Rey," Deakka says grudgingly. "Six hours is better than I expected, though it's still not enough. I expect you to get some more sleep, as well."

"Understood, sir." Rey responds.

Hn. "...If you insist, sir," Shiho murmurs to Deakka, "then I'll go get some rest." Rey's words are given a soft nod, her lifted chin lowering a little as she calms. "I should probably take your advice, anyway," she adds to Rey. "I can't let the commander down."

"Good," Deakka says, settling back and closing his eyes again. "Now *I* can sleep easier. Thank you both."

The ZAKU Phantom pilot has nothing more to add. He raises an arm into a calm salute, before turning back to go about more of his own business. He sighs, supposing he will have to forfeit some simulator time in order to get the extra rest recommended.

Shiho watches Rey leave, then sighs softly before glancing at Yzak. Her gaze takes in her sleeping commander, as if reassuring herself he'll be fine, then she looks up to Deakka before snapping a crisp salute to him. "In that case, sir, I'll be off."

"Thank you, Shiho," Deakka murmurs, his voice already growing fuzzy with sleep once more. "You know we both rely on you."

Shiho pauses in the doorway, then glances back over at Deakka, her expression gentling -- thankfully, her hair's hiding most of it. "I know, sir." And, with that, she heads out of the room.
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